Some Updates

Bit of a personal post, but wanted to updated after some tweets I made about my medication.

Things have been going really well for me (which I’d recently written about) and this medication change kind of came out of the blue. It sucks to find a groove and then have it disrupted, but life is a journey and there are lots of other medications I can try. I’m hopeful that the adverse side-effect that required me to suddenly stop taking one of my meds aren’t permanent (it’s a neurological problem, so it might be).

The last time I went off this medication (which was a tapered change and not a hard stop, like this time) things got really hard really quickly. It’s been nearly two weeks now and while I’m definitely feeling down, but I’m also being proactive about managing the imminent mood problems. For example, I find getting out the door in the mornings to be difficult, and it kind of sets the tone for the whole day. So I have a schedule written out of what exactly to do in the mornings, including some self-care to make sure my mood stays stable throughout the day. It’s been helping a lot.

So far, so good. We’ll see. I’m in high spirits, for now, but like I’ve said before: I’ve got a supportive partner, friends, and work environment. I’ll be fine, just need to remember that I’ll be fine.

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